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Get to know Reiki Meditation and Reiki Therapy Services in Tempe, AZ

Reiki Therapy is a form of complementary therapy that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Reiki Therapy healing is about strengthening the life force that surrounds all living beings. The words "Rei," which means "Higher Power," and "Ki," which means "life force energy," when taken together, mean "a spiritually guided life force energy." This life force energy surrounds and flows through pathways in all living beings. This universal life force energy nourishes the body's cells and is essential to their function and health. Once this life force is weak, a living body is prone to illness.

Benefits of Reiki Meditation

Reiki is a spiritual practice and an alternative therapy that can benefit anyone inside and out. Reiki meditation and Reiki therapy sessions restore the body's movement capability by manipulating the reiki energy to release chronic pain. Reiki meditation and treatments also create greater awareness, connection, fluidity, flexibility, and comfort.

Today, Reiki Mediation is widely considered worldwide for its health benefits. Reiki Therapy can relieve health conditions, such as stress, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, negative side effects of medications and treatments, and joint problems. Reiki also works well in supporting healing past emotional trauma. The deep relaxation levels reached during Reiki sessions also help people achieve better mental clarity and sleep.

Reiki Mediation Services at Source Connection

It is the mission of Source Connection Energy Healing & Wellness Studio to deeply connect with each individual client to assist in remembering who they are and work towards serving their soul's purpose.

Source Connection offers Individual and Group Reiki Meditation, Reiki Treatment, and Reiki training for Levels I, II, and III/Master Level from a certified reiki master. Our Reiki therapy healing sessions include chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, crystal healing/singing bowl therapy, and tuning forks.

Reiki Training Sessions

We offer Reiki classes and Reiki training at our Tempe, Arizona, site. We keep classes intentionally small to allow each student personal attention with support that goes beyond the class setting.

Each level includes the corresponding Reiki attunement and initiation, Reiki symbols, hand positions for self and others, chakra training, energy healing, guided meditation technique, steps to integrate the principles of Reiki, Reiki practice, and level-specific training methods and techniques. Each class builds on what was learned at the previous level.

Reiki practitioners, those practicing Reiki, or those who have been attuned to Reiki who wish to take a class to the next Reiki level of attunement will need to provide a copy of their Reiki certificates and the contact information of the Reiki Master teacher who provided the training.

Individual Reiki Sessions

In an in-person Reiki session, you will be asked to relax while soothing musing and aromatherapy are offered as a part of your session. Each session includes chakra balancing and sound therapy using crystal alchemy healing or singing bowls and, if appropriate, tuning forks and crystals for those interested. Mini card readings and intuitive spiritual coaching are also included in each session to receive information from the Spirit to assist you on your journey. The Reiki practitioner uses a combination of off-the-body and light-touch techniques during the session. You may notice a heightened feeling of energy, relaxation, and a deeper sense of well-being after your Reiki session.

The Reiki Master and Owner, Michelle, administers the in-person Reiki Energy and Sound Healing sessions.

The Reiki Energy Session is administered by the Reiki Master and Teacher, Katrina.

Group Sound Meditation

Sound meditation practice is integral in Reiki meditations. Sound meditation uses instruments that help lead you into a deep meditative state. This meditation technique alters the structure of matter within the body through sound frequency. The sound frequency brings everything back into alignment, balance, and harmony. Weekly sound group meditation is also offered at our studio in Tempe, Arizona. Various Reiki professionals and practitioners lead the group meditation sessions.

Monthly Reiki Workshops

We also offer Monthly Reiki workshops. These workshops include sound healing and Reiki meditation for groups. You can find more info on our website or be sure to follow us on social media where we will share class updates and registration information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the course to begin to practice Reiki?
A proper understanding of Reiki is essential in appreciating and properly implementing this technique. Level 1 Reiki introduces you to placement, a ceremony where you will be attuned to Reiki. You are also guided to self-healing treatment. However, to promote healing to others, you must go further in the course and learn Reiki Level 2.

Is there a limit to any group sessions for sound meditation or Reiki workshops?
Yes. To maintain harmony, balance, and peace and to attend to any possible individual concerns, we limit all group sessions to 20 people.

Is there scientific evidence that connects Reiki treatment to any physical effects?
Yes! Various studies are already conducted worldwide to confirm and validate the effects of Reiki meditation, treatment, and practice. The most reviewed article is a scientific peer-reviewed journal published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Volume 10, Number 6, connecting Reiki to its positive effects on the human autonomic nervous system.

Can I select inclusions in my individual Reiki sessions?
The inclusions and offerings provided in each Reiki session are designed to achieve a heightened sense of well-being, energy, and relaxation. Reiki is best appreciated when taken in entirely as we apply it during the sessions by our Reiki practitioners. We will be acquainting you with our studio and either Michelle's or Katrina's methods. For more details, contact us at (480) 577-1885.

If I have taken previous Reiki courses, can I continue to achieve the Usui Reiki Master Level?
Yes. Reiki practitioners may submit certificates of completion and the contact information of the Reiki Master Teacher who conducted their training. For questions regarding Usui Master Level, hands-on healing, or any inquiry on Reiki and about our services, please submit questions through our email:


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