Have you heard about Reiki Treatment? What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of complementary and alternative medicine a " healing arts " that has deep origins in Japanese culture. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei,” which means “Higher Power,” and “Ki,” which is the life force energy. In other words, Reiki taken together means “a spiritually guided universal life force energy.”

Source Connection is dedicated to offering clients a space for healing as well as learning. Together with our Reiki professionals, our principles are based on Usui Reiki, and we embrace the energy medicine or the energy-healing power of unconditional love, deep healing, empathy, and non-judgment. We are thankful for the time you have taken to honor your healing path by viewing our information. If you have any questions or need guidance in deciding how to choose a healer or teacher, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We recognize this is an investment in your future.

It is the mission of Source Connection to deeply connect with each individual to assist them in remembering who they really are and work towards serving their soul's purpose. Through intentional healing energy sessions, we identify old patterns, beliefs, and thought processes that become roadblocks and prevent us from truly experiencing joy and embracing our power. Together we work towards shedding layers, healing, and releasing that which no longer serves you. We seek counsel from the highest Source and honor the guidance and wisdom received.  Through this practice and hard work, true healing and strengthening begin resulting in balance, connection with self, and often life-changing transformations.

We offer individual energy healing services, a reiki session, reiki meditation, group meditations, and classes/energy healing certification for Reiki Level I, II, and III/Master level. Our Reiki therapy healing sessions include intuitive guidance, chakra balancing, crystal healing/singing bowl therapy, and tuning forks.

If you want to experience a healing journey, deep relaxation, self-care relaxing experience, support healing, increased energy flow, and a spiritual journey or spiritual healing through our Reiki energy therapy by our absolutely amazing Reiki practitioners. Book now!

Are you looking for an energy healing course or do you want to learn the meditation technique,? And are you interested in learning Reiki Healing, want to be a qualified Reiki practitioner, or want to do a  meditation practice Reiki?  Join our Reiki training and Reiki classes. We offer energy healing courses and Reiki practice. We have an energy healing curriculum where you can practice energy healing and all the energy healing techniques by a certified energy healer Reiki master. Be energy healers now! Join us today ang find out the benefits of Reiki. Use our services/booking tab and click the scheduling button. If you have questions about energy work, practicing Reiki, energy healing salary, massage therapists, reiki sessions, music therapy, reiki certification, medical insurance, or any other inquiries or additional information please email us at azsourceconnection@gmail.com or contact us at 480-577-1885



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